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Implant Restorations in Pleasanton

At Pleasanton Dental, we believe it is never too late to preserve the health of your smile, even after losing teeth. Dental implants return normal dental function to patients with missing teeth that are similar to their original teeth. Dr. Gowey offers beautiful implant restorations in Pleasanton for patients who have chosen to restore their health with this effective replacement method.

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How Implants Work and What We Offer

Dr. John M. Gowey collaborates with a trusted local surgeon and periodontist who ultimately place your dental implants. After fully examining your dental anatomy with a cone beam CT scanner, Dr. Gowey can determine if you a viable candidate for implant placement based on certain conditions; your smile must be free of gum disease and your jawbone needs to be dense enough to support the titanium posts. 

After the dental implants placement process, patients typically need a few months to recover, during which time implants will integrate with surrounding bone. In the meantime, you will be provided with temporary restorations that allow you to enjoy meals.

Your Restoration Options

Once your implants have become stable, our Pleasanton dentist has you return to the office to complete the restoration process. Our restorations are crafted with zirconia at a trusted local lab. This material resembles natural enamel and is both durable and highly stain-resistant. Depending on the number of missing teeth, your options for teeth replacement include:

  • Single Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures

While zirconia is beautiful on its own, we are able to customize the shade of your restorations so your smile is seamless. 

Why You Should Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Many patients assume that once they lose teeth, traditional dentures are the go-to measure that will allow them to continue eating and enjoy the appearance of healthy teeth. However, dental implants preserve patients’ smiles and allow them to continue normal daily life, without having to worry about loose prosthetics or bone loss.  By replacing the missing roots with titanium posts, implants prevent common health issues associated with loss of dental function, while creating a youthful appearance. Dental implants and their restorations have improved the lives of many patients.

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The loss of even one tooth can compromise your health and appearance. If you have lost teeth or need an extraction and replacement, dental implants are a valuable investment to preserve both your smile and wellbeing. Call Pleasanton Dental today to schedule your restoration appointment!

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